Basic Dance Beginner Hula Hoop


Basic Dance Beginner Hula Hoop – Please leave me a note with your favorite preferred colors, if not hoop will be made as pictured (green or red)

25mm MDPE is a so-called fitness hoop. It is great for belly workout as it is one of the heaviest hoops available. Also comes in bigger sizes and the weight is ~450g
Recommended diameter 40″- 44″

20mm MDPE tubing is great for beginners and as the first hoop for learning on body hooping. It is heavier than polypro ~380g
Recommended diameter 38″ – 42″

MDPE tubing is collapsible with so-called infinity style – you can check youtube for “how to uncoil MDPE hoop”.

Please note that the hoop weight can vary depending on hoop size.

Hoop can also be made in Polypro tubing. Please leave me a note with your order or message me.

3/4″ (20mm) tubing is perfect for on body hooping, but can also be used as off body hoop. The weight is ~300g.

5/8″ (16mm) tubing is great for off body tricks. I’d recommend this for twin hoops and multi-hooping tricks like mandalas and juggling. It is also used for on body hooping by advanced hoopers as they are super light ~220g.

Polypro hoops are made with push button joints so they can be collapsed. However I do not recommend coiling them down fully as polypro can become brittle, especially in cold weather. If you already know you will need your hoop to be coil-able, please see my add-on section for extension pieces or travel hoop options.


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Diameter inches to cm chart:

36″ = 91cm
37″ = 94cm
38″ = 96cm
39″ = 99cm
40″ = 101cm
41″ = 104cm
42″ = 107cm
43″ = 109cm
44″ = 112cm

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 4 cm
Hoop size

100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 90cm, 95cm

MDPE tubing width

Dance 20mm beginner, Fitness/heavy 25mm

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