How to select the right size of my hula hoop?

This is the question I have been asked the most ☺️

The right size of your hula hoop depends on what you are planning to do with it. Are you a beginner? Intermediate hooper? Do you want the hoop for off body tricks? Twin hooping? Multihooping? There are so many factors to make the right choice.

So let’s begin!

If you have never hooped before and would like to start, the hoop diameter should be approximately from the floor to your belly button.
Also choosing MDPE 20mm tubing is recommended as this hoop is heavier and helps to keep the momentum so learning waist hooping and on body transitions is way easier than with polypro.
If you want to start with hooping because you’d like to tone your belly muscles and loose some weight, I’d recommend 25mm MDPE tubing – so called fitness hoop. As this is the heaviest tubing available, it will massage all your belly muscles and with regular practice you will see the results very soon! ☺️

If you have some experience with hooping and you can keep the hoop going on your belly, you will probably want something lighter than MPDE tubing and it is 3/4″(20mm) polypro. This tubing is great as it can be used on body and off body. But this also depends on what you would like to learn. In general the hoop should be reaching somewhere between your hips up to your belly button from the floor. For transitions on the body you will still need bigger diameter (lower belly up to the belly button). For practicing off body tricks – weaves, smears, rolls, coin flips, etc. you could choose smaller diameter (up to the hips size hoop).

Then we also have 5/8″(16mm) tubing. This tubing is great for twin and mini hoops as it is super light. For twin hoops the diameter should fit from your hand to your armpit and for mini hoops (poi style hooping) the diameter is the length of your forearm. For twin and mini hoops can also be used 3/4″(20mm) tubing, it is really just a personal preference. For twin and mini hoops can also be used 3/4″(20mm) tubing, it is really just each person’s personal preference. Flowing on body with 5/8″(16mm) tubing is usually very fast as it does not keep the momentum so easily as heavier hoop so it is used mostly by experienced hoopers.

I hope this has helped with your hoop size choice and if you are still not sure, don’t hesitate to contact me! ☺️

Pika xoxo

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