5/8″ & 3/4″ Pair of Mini Hoops


Stunning Isolation Hoops with inner Grip Tape. Perfect for Off Body Manipulation and Poi Style Performance. Sold as a pair.

3/4″ (20mm) tubing is perfect for on body hooping, but can also be used as off body hoop.

5/8″ (16mm) tubing is great for off body tricks. I’d recommend this for twin hoops and multi-hooping tricks like mandalas and juggling.

Please note that the hoop weight can vary depending on hoop size.

All hoops are made with push button joints so they can be collapsed. However I do not recommend coiling them down fully as polypro can become brittle, especially in cold weather. If you already know you will need your hoop to be coil-able, please see my add-on section for extension pieces or travel hoop options.

Choice “other..please message me” doesn’t apply to reflective tapes. Thank you for understanding.


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Diameter inches to cm chart:

20″ = 51cm
21″ = 53cm
22″ = 56cm
23″ = 58cm
24″ = 61cm
25″ = 63cm

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 4 cm
Mini hoop size

16mm/50cm, 16mm/55cm, 16mm/60cm, 20mm/50cm, 20mm/55cm, 20mm/60cm, 3/4" 20", 3/4" 21", 3/4" 22", 3/4" 23", 3/4" 24", 3/4" 25", 5/8" 20", 5/8" 21", 5/8" 22", 5/8" 23", 5/8" 24", 5/8" 25"

Tape for Mini hoops

Black Mirror, Bronze mirror, Copper Mirror, Fluorescent green Mirror, Golden Mirror, Icy Blue Mirror, Orange Mirror, Other…please message me, Pink Coral Mirror, Purple Mirror, Rubellite Mirror, Ruby Red Mirror, Saphire Mirror, Silver Mirror, Sparkly Aquamarine, Sparkly Black, Sparkly Bronze, Sparkly Gold, Sparkly Green, Sparkly Icy Blue, Sparkly Orange, Sparkly Pink, Sparkly Purple, Sparkly Ruby Red, Sparkly Silver

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